Changing your Products – Step One: Start the Research

Changing your Products – Step One: Start the Research

We all know that the products you use on your body, in your home and around you can have an affect on your life. It can influence your health and if you have every experienced infertility or undergone IVF you would also know that these products can also affect your fertility.


I have wanted to change my products for a long time but have felt overwhelmed about knowing what products to change to and also the cost involved.

Two weeks ago, I changed our house hold cleaner to Koh by this one cleaner replaces nearly every cleaner – glass, benchtop, stone, wood etc. It is incredible. It made me start to think maybe I could make some changes and stick to them. So I have dipped my toe in.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, I asked my Instagram followers what organic and chemical free products they use in their houses. I have compiled the list and posted it below with the links.

Kora Organics -

Dr Bronner (soaps, lotions and suds) -

Moo Goo (skin care) -


Earth (cleaning products) -

Method (house products) -

Doterra (everything really) -

Akin (Shampoo and Conditioner) -

Ecostore (dish washing liquid and laundry detergent actually most things) -  

Andalou (skin care) -

Koala eco (cleaning products) -

Crystal botanica (roll on deodorant) -

Arbonne (make up and skin care) -

Nourishedlife (make up and skin care) -

Modere (make up) -


The Red House Soap (soap and oils) -

Flora and Fauna (store) -

123norishme (organic baby products) -

Norwex (shop) -

Abode  (cleaning products) -

Mary’s skin care -

Now I am taking the time to look over all the product and will slowly try some out. I’ll let you know how I go.

By the way: I am in no way an expert in organic or chemical free products. I am just learning and sharing what I am learning with you all.

Rach xx

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