Mackenzie's 2nd Birthday

Mackenzie's 2nd Birthday

Happy Birthday to the most precious little girl this world has ever seen. Today you would be two years old.


You would have big beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair. It would probably have a little curl in the ends of it and I would most likely have cut you a little fringe. You would be wearing an adorable party outfit, most likely from Seed. I probably would have been over the top and bought you two outfits for the day knowing full well that you would get some chocolate cake on the first outfit and probably would have taken the second outfit off because everyone loves to run around naked and on your birthday you can do whatever you want. Your hair would start perfect, up in a little bun with your fringe framing your face but as you ran around it would all come loose.

We would start the day with pancakes or French toast with berries and fairy floss because we all know sugar is allowed on birthdays.

Your Dad would be singing to you as he always does. Playing silly little games, pretending to be a dragon coming after the princess. You would squeal in delight, a little high pitched giggle that would always make me smile.


Your Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins would be around you. All fawning over the birthday girl and how ridiculously cute and special you are. We would have taken you to the beach or maybe the zoo but not for too long because with all the excitement you would need a nap. By now we would have been in a routine where you went to bed to sleep but I would have let you sleep on me today, just because you deserve your birthday cuddles with us.

We would have bought you balloons and bubbles to play with which we have still done. In the afternoon we would have watched a movie maybe Aladdin or Moana, you wouldn’t have sat through the whole thing but maybe your Dad and I would have finished watching it after you went to bed.


I would have made you whatever your favourite dish was for dinner, whatever you would want. I would have attempted to make you a pink princess cake, hoping I could be a perfect Mum, but would have bought you a backup cake like the one I have bought for you today covered in popcorn and caramel. There would be a number 2 candle on it, just like we will still have today. We would have stood around you with the lights down low and the candles glowing making shadows dance on your face as you looked around the room excited to be the centre of attention. We would have sung you happy birthday with the loudest ‘hip hip hooray’.

We would have bought you a rocking unicorn, maybe a wand so you could pretend to be magic and anything else you would have shown interest in.

Your Dad and I would have tucked you into bed. Kissing you on your forehead and wondering what the life of a two year old would have in store for us.

I don’t miss you more today than I do every other day but today I let myself imagine what if…

Your Daddy and I love you my little princess. To the moon and back.

Our shooting star.

Mackenzie Karen Casella

11 March 2017




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