Little Star

A fairy tale for Mackenzie

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, there was a little girl called Mackenzie. 

Kenzie, that’s her nickname (Kenzy means ‘bright one’) was very little and so she couldn’t walk or even crawl yet.

Kenzie had beautiful eyes, big and blue.  She had blonde hair, which was as light and fluffy as thistledown because she was still so little.  She had fat little arms and legs, and tiny little hands and feet.

She was a happy little baby, quick to smile at her mummy or daddy, and giggle if anyone made a funny face, or told her a story, or sang a song.

Kenzie loved her food and soon grew into a bubbly baby girl.  One day she tried to kick her legs, but they wouldn’t kick.  Then she tried to wave her arms, but they would only move around a little bit.  She was so disappointed that she cried.

Her Mummy and Daddy were worried and took Kenzie to the doctor.  The doctor said that Kenzie’s little body was not working very well.  The doctor shook her head sadly as she told Kenzie’s parents that there was nothing that anyone could do to help.

Kenzie decided that if her body did not work, then she would get one that would!  It meant saying goodbye to her family, and that made her sad but she really wanted a new body.

She thought that it would probably be a long journey so she packed a little bag with her favourite toys; some were colourful, some made a nice sound, and others were soft and felt good to cuddle.

Kenzie’s Mummy and Daddy, her Nanny and Grandad, her Nunno and Ga-Ga, her two Aunties and two Uncles and her five Cousins cried and begged her not to go.  Kenzie felt sad to leave them but she had made up her mind.  She promised them that, whatever happened, she would still see them and they would still see her.

She travelled a long, long way on her journey to the ends of the earth.  But it only took an instant.  The sun was just setting.  As it slipped below the horizon, Kenzie saw a glitter where the sun’s rays touched the earth in front of her.

There was a path shining with light and leading up into the darkening sky.  She looked up and saw that the sky was full of thousands of stars and a sound like tiny bells tinkling.  Suddenly, she could hear voices.

The little tinkly voices said, ‘Hello, Kenzie, climb up and join us.’  At first, Kenzie was scared but the voices sounded so sweet and kind, she no longer felt afraid.

‘How can I do that?’ she asked.

‘You can do anything you want to do,’ they said, ‘just close your eyes and make a wish.’  And she did that and they were right.  She found that she could move her legs.  She stood up.  She laughed as she put one foot on the sparkly path, then another.

As she went up and up, she began to feel different.  She looked down and saw that her body had begun to glow and, each time she waved her arms and moved her legs, they glittered.

She kept going farther and farther, up into the dark night sky, full of stars.

As she got closer, she saw that the stars were children just like her.  They laughed and waved when they saw her.  ‘Hi Kenzie,’ they called, ‘it’s so good that you’re here,’ and ‘Come and play!’  Kenzie felt so happy that she began to twinkle just like the other little stars.

When she looked down at the earth, she saw people looking up at the stars in wonder.  Best of all, she saw her Mummy and Daddy, her Grandad and Nanny, her Ga-Ga and Nunno, her two Aunties and two Uncles and her five Cousins all looking up at her.

She got so excited that she ran across the sky, giggling, trailing a sparkling tail of light behind her.

Everyone went, ‘Ooooh’, and ‘Aaaaah’ when they saw that.  Someone said, ‘Look, a shooting star!  It means good luck.’

But her Mummy and Daddy, Nanny and Grandad, Nunno and Ga-Ga, her two Aunties and two Uncles and her five Cousins said nothing.  They all just smiled because they knew that it was really Kenzie running across the sky.

By Wendy Banham

(Kenzie’s Nanny)