Media for Mackenzie

My family has worked hard to channel our pain into creating change for Mackenzie. We have been lucky enough along the way that some kind media outlets, journalists and fellow bloggers have allowed us to use their voice to shout Mackenzie's name from the roof top. It has also allowed us to spread our message and campaign for the Australian Government to bring in routine and subsidised genetic carrier testing in pre and early pregnancy. Which we have now been successful in achieving #mackenziesmission

Thank you to all who have given us their platform xx



ABC 7.30 Report - Episode One:

ABC 7.30 Report - Episode Two:’s-fight-pushes-health/9500476 

Sophie Scott ABC medical reporter interview on Midday Report:

ABC News Social media video:

 Nine News:

Kyle and Jackie'O Show:

The Daily Edition:

The Royal Hospital for Women: 

Senator Barry O'Sullivan's Senate Speech:



Australian Birth Stories: 

UTS Radio - Think Health: 


Written Media

ABC Budget Mackenzie's Mission:

ABC Mackenzie's Campaign: 

ABC Mackenzie's Mission:

Sydney Morning Herald/Fairfax:

Sydney Morning Herald/Fairfax:

Not So Mumsy:

The Delivery Mag:

Your Zen Mamma:


Women's Health Magazine: 

Kid Magazine: 

The Sunshine Coast Daily:

UK Daily Mail:

The Sun:

SMA News Today:

Mamamia - Genetic Testing:

The Mirror:

Nine Honey:

Senator Barry O'Sullivan Speech:

Marie Claire Magazine: 

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